‘In the Bag’ by Kate Klise

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Four strangers ride the same plane to Europe, and two of them end up with the wrong bags. Daisy is a world-reknowned chef, and she brought her daughter, Coco, to Paris on vacation. Andrew stages art shows, and his son, Webb, is along for a trip to Madrid. When Coco opens her bag to find ratty old boys’ clothing in place of her stylish and fashionable clothing, she is mortified. Luckily, her email address was on her baggage and Webb contacts her to arrange a swap. These four strangers have no idea just what kinds of adventures are in store for them, and where love may just bud..

Lost baggage can be a life-changing event for the 4 strangers, who are about to know one another much better than they could have ever imagined.

Kate Klise is better known for her kids’ books (which are illustrated by her sister, Sarah Klise), but was motivated to write this adult novel when she discovered a note written to her inside her own carry-on bag while traveling. If you like chick-lit, or novels like Daniel Handler’s “Why We Broke Up“, you will want to give this easy read a try. Pick up “In The Bag” at The Boulder Bookstore today!

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  1. I just finished this book and loved it! It’s funny, quirky and the perfect book to curl up and enjoy on a rainy afternoon!

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