Sacré Bleu is a masterpiece of fiction

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Artist Vincent Van Gogh allegedly commits suicide, and his painter contemporaries are saddened but credit the deed to his well-suspected lunacy. Some of his friends, however, find the event strange. Why would a man who didn’t own a gun shoot himself with someone else’s gun, then walk miles in the country to find help? Lucien Lessard and his friend Henri Toulouse-Loutrec are bothered by the story, but can’t quite place the source of their unrest, especially when there are beautiful women to chase and masterpieces to paint (if both can be done at the same time, it is considered a very good day).

Life isn’t all art and merriment, of course. Henri finds the woman he once adored and she has no recollection of him. Surely this cannot be true. He must get to the bottom of this strange amnesia that his painter friends and the models among them seem to keep catching from one another. And who is this “Colorman” who appears and obnoxiously gives away his precious blue paint, then disappears once again. An increased popularity among the Great French Masters in the expensive and rare paint, the “Sacred Blue” and a strange series of events including unexplained deaths and disappearances can’t possibly connected…Or can they?

Things aren’t quite adding up to a logical conclusion, and Lucien and Henri decide to get to the bottom of the strange goings-on before more people get hurt…If only Lucien could avoid the bewitching beauty, Juliette, who seems determined to see him as the greatest painter who ever lived, and who keeps offering to pose nude for him. Such sacrifice to be an artist…

The mystery of the blue paint will take readers to places they never expect the story to go, and there is a little something for everyone. If you love art, this fictional portrayal of the French Greats, including Manet, Monet, Seurat, Renoir, Gauguin, and more, will be highly enjoyable, as you are blessed with fictional accounts of just what the personalities of these men might have been like. If you have a moderately sick sense of humor, this book will bring you to tears with laughter over and over again.

If you don’t mind reality being stretched for the sake of a seriously humorous story, you won’t want to miss Sacré Bleu, by Christopher Moore, who is also known for Lamb, Fool, You Suck, Bite Me, and more.

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