A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer

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Paranormal romance lovers won’t want to miss this new novel in Pamela Palmer’s new “Vamp City” series, “A Blood Seduction”. Quinn Lennox is a research technician who has always been just a little different. She sees things that no one else sees, her clothes seem to change colors when she drives through rainbow-like beams throughout the city, and she is beginning to thing she is losing her mind.

When Quinn and her brother Zack go looking for a friend who has disappeared, and end up wandering into some kind of alternate universe that looks a lot like Washington DC, things start to get even more insane. The city is populated by VAMPIRES, and Quinn and Zack are on the dinner menu. They are attacked, and when Quinn wakes up, she is in someone else’s home, tied to a bed, and her brother is nowhere to be found. A sexy, dominant vampire named Arturo has decided to make her his bed slave, and despite the fact that he is very enticing, she has one thing on her mind: escaping to find and rescue her brother, wherever he is.

There is more to Quinn than even she realizes, however, because the vampires seem to know something that she doesn’t. They inform her that she is a sorceress and she will be forced to help them save Vamp City from destruction or be tortured to within an inch of her life until she complies. Arturo tries to keep the bad vampires away from her, but when everyone wants a taste of the sorceress, Quinn has very little time to do much besides trying to stay alive…And fight off Arturo’s wandering hands and intoxicating kisses.

Will Quinn find and save her brother? Will she escape Vamp City? Will she finally give in to Arturo’s cajoling? Find out for yourself when you pick up A Blood Seduction in stores today! Readers who love Laurell K Hamilton and Kim Harrison won’t want to miss Pamela Palmer!

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