Bloom by Kelle Hampton

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Kelle Hampton was about to be a mother for the second time, but in a few moments her life changed in ways she could never have expected. Her sweet baby girl was born with Down’s Syndrome. Everything that she thought her daughter would become was going to be a little different than expected, and the reality of that was an overwhelming slam. Readers can follow Kelle through the story of her marriage, the beginning years with her first daughter, her second pregnancy, the day that her life changed forever, and starting life with new eyes and a beautiful new human in her home who would teach Kelle and her loved ones just how much beauty there can be in life and love.

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected is an auto-biographical account that lays out the emotions that a mother feels in a situation that many women hope never to experience, and the beauty of her love for her “different” daughter rivals any account you will ever read about motherhood. The book is almost a scrapbook of actual photos of and by Kelle and her family (she is a skilled photographer), which makes the story that much more real for readers (although it does give an impression of family perfection that is likely far from realistic).

This memoir will make even the toughest person cry, and Hampton’s writing is so real that you can almost put yourself in the situation, and the confusion of the emotions surrounding the event will overwhelm you. Get your tissue box and prepare for the one of the most emotional stories of motherhood you will ever read.

This novel is available now, so if you think you can take it, pick it up and brace yourself.

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