Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

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High school romance…Sigh. We remember it well. Min Green and Ed Slaterton are an unlikely match-she’s a film enthusiast who plans to be a director someday and he is a basketball star. They have different crowds, different passtimes, different worlds. But one day Ed crashes her best friend’s birthday party and they find themselves exchanging phone numbers while his buddy pukes in the bushes. And the romance begins…

Like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, forces are set to drive the couple apart and they struggle against them to be together. However, when the novel begins, you know already that they have broken up. You just have to find out why-and Min tells the story in the form of a letter, in which she describes every item in her box of “Ed” memorabilia, collected in the duration of their relationship, and finally left on his doorstep.

Written for teens, this novel will take adult readers back to their own memories of high school-the sporting events, the dances, the jealousy, and the struggle towards adulthood with issues like love and sex sprinkled in to complicate matters. The easy language makes the audiobook, put out by Hachette Audio, an excellent choice for working out, driving, cleaning, you name it. The book is also available on Amazon, where it was named one of the Best Books of January 2012 by readers, so get your copy today!

Also, a website called The Why We Broke Up Project has been put up, where readers can post their own breakup stories for all to read-some of which can be quite entertaining!  Check it out for yourself and post your own high school breakup story.

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