Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

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Isabel Spellman and her kooky family are back for the 5th installment in the Spellman Files series. The family owns a private investigation firm and this means that they go to great lengths to keep their own secrets hidden-elaborate computer security, cameras, phone bugs, lockpicking and stakeouts are all a part of normal family life in the Spellman household (sometimes the work that they do is actually LESS elaborate than what they do to spy on one another).

In this installment, Isabel’s mom has begun avoiding home at any cost, even to the extent that she is taking classes in russian language, joining crocheting circles and bookclubs, and doing pottery classes to stay away from the house. But why? Isabel’s father won’t share any information about a case he is working on, and her little sister seems to be turning in fraudulent surveillance reports. What can be going on with this family? Even Demetrius, the freed prison inmate who works for the Spellmans and does most of the cooking for the household, seems to have secrets.

Isabel decides to take matters into her own hands like she has never done before, and you will laugh until you cry when you take in the witty banter and amusing espionage-related humor that this author has perfected. If you want a funny read with a touch of mystery, you will not want to miss a single Spellman Files novel, by Lisa Lutz.

Readers who enjoy authors like Janet Evanovich will fall in love with this series. Don’t miss it!

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