More Like Her by Liza Palmer

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Frances was recently dumped by her boyfriend for another woman, and as she sees the women around her who seem to have it all figured out, she begins wondering what is wrong with her…Will she be a spinster? Is she so flawed that she will never be loved for herself? What do these other women have that she does not?

When Frances and her friends and coworkers go to a party being held by their prim and perfect school headmistress and boss, and the most horrific event of their lives brings an end to the merry affair, people’s secrets start slipping out. Nobody’s life is as it seemed before. Frances begins to see the merits of being exactly who you are without shame and secrecy…Especially when sexy southern architect Sam shows serious interest in her, hopeless flaws and all…

But can Frances’ friends and family come to grips with the reality of their lives and begin to repair the damages? Can Frances accept herself and the truths of the people around her? Can they all find solace in one another and learn to appreciate life like never before? This novel is full of surprises and frank, realistic humor that makes the characters some of the most endearing personalities in women’s fiction. If you love books that break your heart and warm it again, More Like Her is a must-read.

Liza Palmer also wrote Conversations with the Fat Girl, Seeing Me Naked, and A Field Guide to Burying your Parents. Her prose is humorous and addictive and anyone who reads Women’s fiction should seriously considering grabbing this book this week!


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