Boreal Dreams by Peter Anthony Blush

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Boreal Dreams

Set in the wilderness of Vermont, Sheriff Ray Lackner has been noticing some very strange happenings. People have disappeared, folks have reported mysterious sightings of wild dogs and a Native American man out in the wilderness, his wife has been acting strange lately, and what first appeared to be a snowmobile accident has actually turned out to be a murder in the middle of a blizzard. Ray and his deputy are set on figuring out just what the hell is happening in the quiet town they call home.

When a corporate cover-up with serious environmental and health implications may somehow be involved in the series of events to follow, which include several deaths and attacks, some involving arrows, and the people of the town are happy to blame Native American gang activity for the crimes around the town, it’s time for the slightly corrupt but truth-seeking Sheriff to pull out the “big guns” and put his life on the line. Luckily a “detective” from Montreal shows up and gives him some much-needed information-but what is his angle, and is he who he says he is? Is he playing the good Sheriff to benefit himself somehow?

This is a novel about the secrets we keep, the violence we are capable of, murder, justice (both legal and otherwise), superstition, the things we know and the things we would prefer NOT to know, and the complexity of human relationships.  But to those of you who need a genre category, I would call it a Crime Thriller. Unlike many Crime Thrillers that are out there, this one takes place out in the country, where there really is NO ONE to hear you scream…

If you like Kathy Reichs novels, I think that you should give Peter Anthony Blush a try. The characters are rich and flawed, and you won’t be able to put the book down. I would love to see this one become a movie, and I don’t say that often. Boreal Dreams is available on Check it out!

Pick it up on today!

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