Sins of a Virgin by Anna Randol

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Madeline Valdan is a well-known courtesan about London…What the public doesn’t know is that she has been protecting her “virtue” and she is now ready to sell her first time with the highest bidding nobleman. The auction will last 2 weeks, during which time she will be about town, flirting and showing off her assets and gentlemen’s clubs and more. Madeline’s venture, however, seems to have upset a few people, threats have been made to her life and person, and there have even been a few attempts to murder the vixen. The courtesan must hire a bodyguard for the duration of the auction-and sexy Gabriel Huntford has been reluctantly appointed the job.

What the two don’t realize is that they have an attraction that threatens all that they are trying to protect. It’s all that they can do to keep their hands off of one another, and Madeline cannot take the risk that her auction will be affected by the issue…But as danger seems to follow her wherever she goes, she must ignore her urges and fight to stay alive, with Gabriel by her side.  Gabriel and Madeline both have secret pasts and motivations that they strive to keep from one another until they can no longer stand the silence…And a serial murderer is right under the noses of both.

This is your typical historical romance or as I like to call “bodice-ripper” novels. If you like the Harlequin-type of novels for some easy, slightly smutty reading, then this novel is well worth picking up. If you enjoy Sins of a Virgin, by Anna Randol, be sure to keep an eye out for two more novels in the “Sinners Trilogy” (this is the first).

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