The Scottish Witch by Cathy Maxwell

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The second installment in The Chattan Curse trilogy, by Cathy Maxwell,  is now available. You may remember the first novel in the series, Lyon’s Bride, from earlier this year. The Scottish Witch introduces Portia MacLean, a spinster whose mother has rested all hopes for the family on her lovely sister, Minerva, making a smart match with a wealthy gentleman. When Portia finds a book of spells, and she learns that the handsome Lord Chattan is running about the countryside looking for a witch who can break the curse that rests in his family thanks to a woman scorned generations past, who took her life and whose mother hexed the entire male line of the family for eternity, the lovely spinster decides to pretend to be a witch so she can take the money he is offering, and use it to pay for the rent and help her family survive without marrying for money.

But her encounter with Lord Chattan is not what she expects. When she tries to walk away from him, he only pursues her, and she finds that she cannot escape his attentions-or perhaps she doesn’t want to escape them? Before she realizes it, the two are bound to one another by fate and forced to confront the family curse together, or lose the chance at love forever.

This novel is a “by the book” bodice ripper, complete with passion, romance, and historical lords and ladies who can’t seem to leave one another alone. If you like romance novels of the simpler variety, this one should not be missed!

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