Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

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Futuristic bodice-ripper? Yes, that day has come.  Dr. Catherine Young has set out to find a man named Tom McEnroe out in the middle of nowhere, where his band of secret operation soldiers known as the Ghost Ops Force. When she finds this powerful leader, she is struck by the chemistry between them, and the soldier is even more dumbfounded about his own reaction to the beautiful physician-no woman has ever been so distracting for the stoic soldier.

This novel is set more than a decade in the future, and full of gadgets and holographic communication, texting via body chip, all sorts of futuristic imaginings…One thing will stay the same, however. A bodice ripper is a bodice ripper, even when the heroine is a female physician in the future. The novel is also full of suspenseful operations, good vs. evil and the battle between those who would use science to take over the world and those who would do anything to stop the villains.

If you like science-fiction angled romance novels, or you think you might want to give this one a try, pick up Heart of Danger, by Lisa Marie Rice, and if you enjoy it, this novel appears to be the first in a series, called “Ghost Ops”.

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