The Rock Star in Seat 3A by Jill Kargman

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Most couples have had the “free pass” discussion about which celebrity dream girl/guy they are allowed to sleep with in the unlikely event that they are given the opportunity. When Hazel finds herself in a first-class seat on an airplane, right next to the celebrity dream man she has lusted over for years, she finds the temptation to use her “free pass” irresistible. Sexy rock star Finn Schiller has the hots for Hazel and he invites her into his life, but Hazel is torn…Her longtime boyfriend Will is practically her family…But she has the chance with her dream man…The seductiveness of the rock star world pulls Hazel into the haze of celebrities, music, travel, and even drugs…Will Hazel find happiness there?

An average woman must decide what she really needs in life, to find true happiness. Is it the comfort of home or the excitement of constant motion and thrills? Is it passion or warm contentment? What will Hazel learn about herself?

This novel is very humorous, very ChickLit. If you don’t mind some vulgar language and serious sarcasm, you will enjoy this novel very much. If you like humorous women’s fiction like Heather McElhatton (Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married, Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single), don’t miss The Rock Star in Seat 3A, by Jill Kargman.

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