The Longings of Wayward Girls by Karen Brown

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Decades ago, terrible things happened in Sadie’s hometown. Two little girls, both at separate times, disappeared, rumored to have wandered into the woods and never returned. These disappearances weighed over the town, ever-present in the parts of the mind where fear resides. The mysteries were never solved. But Sadie may know more about one girl’s disappearance than she lets on.

A mother of two who recently miscarried, Sadie is looking for distraction and struggling with her own demons. Fighting her entire life not to become her mother, she is beginning to find herself walking down that very inescapable path. But she wants more for her children and for herself than the rollercoaster of her own childhood. When a neighborhood boy she once knew comes back to her neighborhood upon his father’s death to clear out the house of its mess, and quite possibly, its secrets, Sadie must face the truth about what happened in her quiet little town all those years ago-with her mother, with the disappearances, with her own dark, hidden secrets.

Will the secrets finally be brought into the open for once and for all? Will Sadie win the battle and gain control over her life? Will she take responsibility for what she did all those years ago?

The Longings of Wayward Girls, by Karen Brown, has melancholy moments, but it is an interesting mystery and emotional journey for anyone who enjoys that sort of literature.

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