Celine, by Peter Heller

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Retired private investigator Celine has settled into a quiet life, working on her art and living with her husband in Brooklyn. A young woman named Gabriela appears and her tragic story compels the PI to travel out to Yellowstone National Park for one final case.

Gabriela’s father went missing one day when he was out doing photography near Yellowstone. The police had assumed he was one of many casualties which had occurred that year thanks to a formidable Grizzly bear in the area.

Something about her father’s disappearance had never sat well with Gabriela. Her mother’s passing had been earth-shattering for her father, and her stepmother had done irreparable damage to him in the years to come. He had appeared to her a broken man, but more than that, there were clues left behind for Gabriela which indicated that officials might be covering up not just the disappearance of a man, but something else much bigger than Gabriela could fathom.

Her father’s tale would span across the globe, it’s final clues dotting the landscape in Wyoming and Montana. Can Celine solve the mystery before those who seem dead-set on keeping it covered up? Will a young woman finally make peace with her tragic and heart-wrenching past?

If you love mysteries, especially those set in wild terrain and rural areas, you will love Celine, by Peter Heller. Be warned, however, once you are with the author, breathing in those pine trees and feeling the brisk cool air in your lungs, you will want to make your way to Yellowstone yourself at the nearest opportunity.

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