The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry

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Callie Cahill witnessed an event that has haunted Salem for decades. The only other known living witness, a now-homeless woman named Rose, has been arrested for a similar crime, also occurring on Halloween night. Callie never thought that she would return to the town where her mother and two other women were murdered, but she can’t accept that Rose is about to be blamed for any of the incidences. She resolves to do whatever it takes to protect the woman who was so kind to her as a child.

Salem is full of secrets and centuries-old resentments. The question is always brought up at dinner parties: Were your ancestors accusers or were they part of the accused? Some people refuse to bring up the dark history, and some people monetize their lineage proudly. Whichever way the residents seem to lean, they are ALL suspicious of the woman who returns to Salem, apparently the little girl who survived the bloodbath of the Goddess Murders all those years ago.

Can Callie clear Rose’s name? Where is the missing woman who was supposed to attend the ceremony that ended the lives of those victims? Who were the players in Callie’s flashback memories of the Salem of her girlhood? Who is the mystery man who had such a pull with her mother and the other women? Is the killer still out there, living the life of a normal Salem resident, biding time until the opportunity comes to kill again?

The Fifth Petal, by Brunonia Barry, is a novel set in the fictional world of her previous novel, The Lace Reader. Spellbinding, gripping, intense…If you enjoy mysteries with a hint of the supernatural, you won’t want to miss The Fifth Petal.

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