The Keeper by Jessica Moor

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A social worker’s body is pulled from the river, assumed at first to be a suicide. Many, especially her connections at the local women’s safe house, refuse to accept that she killed herself.

Strange men have been sighted in front of the safe house lately, and Katie has a mysterious past.

Who is Katie really? Where is she from and why was she hiding out as an employee at the safe house? How did she end up thrown into the river? Who would want to hurt her?

The Keeper, by Jessica Moor, is in a genre all of its own as it combines a traditional crime thriller with an inside look into how society ignores crimes against women. The lives of the women in the safe house bring these crimes, crimes against women, into the light with such a power punch, readers will find themselves horrified, infuriated, gripped. If you think you can handle the blow, and you want your emotions to be triggered in a life altering way, The Keeper is a great dose for you. If you’re sensitive or you prefer a nice cozy mystery, this reviewer recommends you keep a wide berth. This novel has the power to make you lose sleep at night.

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