They All Fall Down by Rachel Howzell Hall

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They All Fall Down, by Rachel Howzell Hall, came up as a recommendation based on what I like to read on Touted as a modern take on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, I couldn’t help myself.

Miriam Macy is a “misunderstood” mother with an estranged daughter whose husband left her and remarried. She has had a lot of “bad luck” lately and when an invitation arrives, asking her to be on a reality television program, she jumps at the chance to make money and claim some fame, (and possibly reclaim her daughter’s admiration).

Before she has even arrived on the private island, things are obviously not what they seem. The cast of characters is diverse, and Miriam begins to wonder how they came to be chosen for the experience. The secrets begin to be revealed just as quickly as the body count rises.

The tropical island paradise becomes an island of death. Who is killing the visitors, and why? Will help arrive in time to save them? Will Miriam find a way to survive when she doesn’t know who she can trust?

They All Fall Down is very much of the “And Then There Were None” genre, and makes for a good light weekend read if you like murder mysteries and who-dunnits.

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