The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

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Tanya Dubois is on the run. She didn’t kill her husband, but she has her own reasons. And her husband is, in fact, dead. Where can Tanya go to escape her past? Who can she trust to help her, and who wants to hurt her?

The Passenger, by Lisa Lutz, is a standalone novel from an author who you might know better from her series, The Spellman Files. The story centers around a young woman who doesn’t know how to do anything but run. She can’t go home, but she has no place to go, either.

Along the way, Tanya meets Blue, a blue eyed blond woman who has a past just as dark as her own, and they agree to an insane plan. They will become one another, leading their chasers on a wild goose chase in the wrong directions and buying one another time to create new lives.

How long can this running last? Will Tanya finally face her demons? Or will her plan with Blue make her life even worse than it was before?

The Passenger is a suspense novel with an unreliable narrator and a lot of action and intrigue. If you like to sit on the edge of your seat and get swept up in a page-turner, then this reviewer highly recommends it for your next read.

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