Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

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If you’ve ever read anything by Kristin Hannah, you know what to expect: you’ll need some Kleenex.

Firefly Lane is no different. A story about a lifelong friendship between two girls who met as adolescents, this novel will drag you through the struggles of teen years and early adulthood between two very different young women who are drawn inexplicably to one another in a deep friendship.

Their life decisions challenge their bond, as Tully sets out to conquer the world as a news anchor, and Kate realizes her ambitions run domestic and maternal.

They have their share of betrayals and heartbreak along the way, and Firefly Lane is not an adult version of The Babysitter’s Club. The world is full of darkness and tragedy, and friendship is hard to maintain when real life happens.

If you want to read something with a Beaches-like feel that will make you think long and hard about your own life choices and friendships, then Firefly Lane is just the reading material you are looking for! If you like light reading, I wouldn’t head down that road.

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