Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

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Malcolm Kershaw is a bookseller whose life is very ordinary until one day an FBI agent appears in his life. There has been a series of murders which seem to tie into a blog post he wrote many years ago called “Eight Perfect Murders”.

Malcolm had chosen 8 mysteries which centered around deaths which were “perfect”-meaning they could not in any way be traced back to the murderer, some of which could even be deemed natural deaths. He hadn’t thought about the post for many years, but suddenly he is tracing back through the novels and his own past, trying to piece together the clues and find out how these deaths or the murderer relates to himself.

Could he be next? Is someone trying to frame him? The inner workings of a psychotic killer are so difficult to predict. Malcolm is forced to examine himself and his own spotty past as he pores through 8 classic mysteries to find clues to the mystery…hopefully before he himself ends up in jail for the crimes.

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