The Blood Gospel, Order of the Sanguines


Dr. Erin Granger is an archaeologist working on a dig in Israel who gets called in by the Israeli government to help out with a high-priority archaelogical find that has the potential to be very dangerous. The the extent of that danger, however is greater than she ever could have expected. An ancient church order is on a mission to recover an ancient artifact that may have the power to ruin the world, and they can’t do it without her help. Doesn’t sound too bad until she realizes that every supernatural creature seems just as intent on recovering the artifact, which is proclaimed to be the Gospel of Christ, written in his own hand, in his own blood. Suddenly she is thrown into a world of vampires (good and evil), grimwolves, and various other supernatural creatures she once thought the stuff of mythology.

The Blood Gospel, by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell, is a combination of genres that will make readers go wild. The suspense and history of The DaVinci Code meet with the paranormal, bringing vampires and other supernatural creatures into the world of the bible and Christian history, and the secret operations of the Nazis to hoard ancient artifacts and priceless collectibles are sprinkled on the top, just to give it a little flavor. If you love paranormal fiction, intelligent historical novels, archaeology, religious history, or any combination of the above, the Order of the Sanguines Series, of thich The Blood Gospel is the first, is a must-read.

Safe Within by Jean Reynolds Page

Elaine Forsyth and her fading husband, Carson, moved into her parents’ full-sized treehouse by the lake so that he can spend his remaining days in peace. Moving back to where they grew up brings up some old, un-faced issues that Elaine finds herself confronted with at every turn. Her mother-in-law, Greta, has never approved of Elaine, and refuses to talk to her or acknowledge that her son is the father of Elaine’s son, Mick. Mick is dealing with his own skeletons, as he spends the summer with his mother, grieving the loss of his father and tracing his old steps, only to find that there is a secret involving his past girlfriend that everyone in town seems to know about, except for him.

This is a novel about tieing up the loose ends of your life and finding closure where you least expect it, and it is a novel about making your own family, regardless of history or even genetics-family and life are what you make them. Grief, loss, and letting go of the past so you can move forward, all factor into this surprisingly uplifting story by Jean Reynolds Page, which stresses that even though you can’t change the past, you can always try to do better with the present.

If you like women’s fiction you will enjoy this novel, especially if you liked A Simple Thing by Kathleen McCleary, or The Roots of the Olive Tree by Courtney Miller Santo.

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