A Pattern of Lies by Charles Todd


A Pattern of Lies, by Charles Todd, is the 7th novel in a series starring the heroine Bess Crawford, a Nurse during World War I who uses her wit and solid reputation to help friends and acquaintances to solve mysteries and get out of dire situations.

A Pattern of Lies is set in Kent in 1916, Bess is on leave and visiting the Ashtons, a well-to-do aristocratic family beset with tragedy. Their gunpowder mill burned down, killing more than a hundred men, and the town seems set on blaming the father of her friend and watching him hang on the gallows. But Bess thinks there is more to the story and she uses every resource available to her to find the truth. Someone is sabotaging the Ashtons, vandalizing their property and even setting fire to their home. Who could want to harm the Ashtons and can Bess sniff them out before someone is hurt, or worse?

The Bess Crawford novels are a dignified, proper read with intelligent language and a slow, simmering pace that can’t be rushed. The reader is tickled with details gently up until the final climax and it’s a slow burn with a satisfying ending. If you like novels that are perfect for a slow, breezy, quiet day, A Pattern of Lies, by Charles Todd, will be a great choice for you.

‘An Unmarked Grave’ by Charles Todd

Bess Crawford is a nurse on the french front in 1918, and she has a gift for stumbling into mysteries. When the death of an officer seems suspicious to all parties, and those parties begin to turn up dead, the circumstances look very dire indeed. Bess comes down with the Spanish flu and is detained from pursuing the matter, and it seems that the case has gone cold, but she is determined to find out just what happened to the dead (murdered) officer. The body count rises as Bess questions people involved with the victim, and someone seems to be following Bess and wishing her ill tidings.

Can Bess evade the murderer long enough to reveal the conspiracy and the identity of a possible mad man? Can she manage to cool the passions of the american soldier who seems to have fallen in love with her and seems like the jealous sort? Join this sassy amateur sleuth as she tracks down a murderer and exposes him for all of his crimes.

If you love historical mysteries you will want to pick up this novel by Charles Todd (a pseudonym for a mother and son writing team actually named Caroline and Charles Todd). Readers who love Anne Perry and her multiple historical mystery series’ will especially adore this “author” and very likely the many other novels written by the writing team.