The Invisibles by Cecilia Galante


Nora, Ozzie, Monica, and Grace were four teenage girls who met when their home lives fell apart and they found themselves at the Turning Winds Home for Girls. They found comfort in one another and learned many powerful lessons about life and love and friendship, but when they were old enough to be on their own, the four young women went off on their separate paths.

Now they are grown women, and Grace is in trouble. She needs her friends again. The four women come together again and learn that you’re never too old to need a friend…And maybe they can all learn something from one another again, before it’s too late for all of them to remember who they really are, and where they came from.

The Invisibles, by Cecilia Galante, is a novel about growing up, and about female relationships in all their complexity. If you like women’s fiction, The Invisibles will pull your heartstrings and maybe even make you pull out the Kleenex box. If you’re looking for your next cry, The Invisibles is for you.


On the Rocks by Erin Duffy


Abby’s life was right on track. She had finished school, established a career, and was in a long-term relationship with her college boyfriend, Ben, who had recently proposed. She was happily flitting about, choosing flowers, decorations, cake…While wearing the dress she has decided is “the one”, out shopping with her best friend, her worst nightmare ensues. Her fiancé Ben has just announced on Facebook that he is single…Without letting Abby know they were breaking up….

The 30-year-old is going to have to start fresh, and do some serious thinking. After months of feeling sorry for herself and eating ice cream alone, Abby is going to spend the summer at a beach house, dragged there by her best friend, who thinks the cure for Abby’s problems is cocktails and sun-tanned surfer dudes. But Abby isn’t quite so sure she’s ready to be on the market again…And her misadventures as she figures out what she really wants will make readers chuckle aloud and shake heads in disbelief…In a world where you can get dumped on Facebook, how is one supposed to get a good boyfriend?

On the Rocks, by Erin Duffy,  is a great beach read, especially for someone who has recently been through a breakup. If you’re looking for something fun to read on your long weekend, reading by the pool or feeling a coastal breeze, this a is a great ChickLit novel that won’t disappoint.

Vintage by Susan Gloss


The lives of three women intersect in a local vintage clothing store, three very different women:

Violet Turner is doing her best to make a living pursuing her dream, she owns her own vintage clothing store and avoids thinking about her complicated past at all costs…But she can’t seem to escape from where she came from, people keep creeping out from the shadows.

April Morgan is a young woman, set to start college with a serious complication-she’s in the second trimester of her pregnancy, and the father of the baby is no longer in her life. Her mother passed away recently and she is totally alone but for the child she will soon bring into the world.

Amithi Singh is a very traditional Indian woman who devoted her entire life to being a wife, then a mother, far from her family in the U.S. Her daughter is a grown woman and she has just realized her husband has been betraying her for many years. She is about to face a serious question: Who am I when I am not a wife and mother? What is my purpose now?

These three women are about to unceremoniously enter one another’s lives, and the results will be bittersweet, but, inevitably heartwarming.

If you like women’s fiction, this melancholy-turned-sweet novel will be a great choice. Vintage, by Susan Gloss, is a novel in the Meg Donohue vein, examining female relationships and the hardest thing we do in life-learning to trust in our fellow female.

The Roots of the Olive Tree by Courtney Miller Santo

Anna, one hundred and twelve years old, is the second oldest recorded person in the world. She lives on an olive plantation in California with her daughter Bets, granddaughter Callie, great-granddaughter Deb, and great-great-granddaughter Erin. These women grew up in the same place, many under the same roof, but they couldn’t be more different from one another, and they all have very deep, sometimes very dark, secrets.

Great-granddaughter Deb is about to be released from prison, and her family is has mixed feelings about her return to them. She murdered her husband more than 20 years ago in cold blood, leaving her family to raise her 4 year old daughter, Erin, who as an adult  has been campaigning for her mother’s release for some time. Erin has a secret that she won’t be able to hide from her family for long, and her grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother are all harboring decades-old secrets of their own. Disappointments in love, marital scandals, shocking information involving their own children…

When a geneticist comes to town, interested in studying the family’s DNA and finding out information about a “super-aging” gene that may be passed down among the women in the family, these secrets are being brought very close to the surface, and these women are about to understand one another much better than ever before.

Follow these women as the stories unfold, from past to present, and jump into a world of women that outlines the complicated nature of female relationships. If you like Women’s Fiction, this novel will be a great choice for your next read. The film “How to Make an American Quilt” came to mind as I read this novel, and felt reminded that every “old lady” has her own tale, full of entanglements and complications, and there is more to every person than meets the eye. If you’re in the mood for something emotional and very serious, this pick up The Roots of the Olive Tree, by Courtney Miller Santo, and check it out for yourself.