Nowhere but Home by Liza Palmer


Queenie Wake (birth name Queen Elizabeth Wake, much to her chagrin) was born into a family with a slight reputation. Her mother was murdered when she was found in bed with another woman’s husband, and the reputation for low-class and promiscuity has haunted Queenie and her sister, Merry Carole, for their entire lives in North Star, Texas.  Queenie escaped as soon as possible, heading to get a culinary education and explore the world, never to look back on the town that whispered rude comments behind her back and never bothered to take her in as one of their own. When Queenie finds herself out of work after bouncing from city to city for years, and she has nowhere to go but back home to stay with her sister and face the demons she has been running from for a very long time…The love of her life, the truth about her own mother, family, and the dirty little secrets of North Star… When the chef is offered a job cooking the “last meals” for the local prison, she is forced to test her limits and decide what she really wants to do with her life.

Nowhere but Home, by Liza Palmer,  is a novel about southwestern cuisine, small town politics, forgiveness, family, and, more importantly, finding where you belong- in the least likely of places. If you haven’t read other books by this author,  be sure to pick up More Like Her, which is also an excellent example of women’s fiction that addresses deeper heartache and real-life horrors that happen to everyday people. Readers who love Joshilyn Jackson (A Grown Up Kind of Pretty) will also adore this novel.

A Grown Up Kind of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson

Mosey Slocumb comes from a family with a long history, and no, she is not a blue-blooded aristocrat. Every woman in Mosey’s family has been pregnant by the age of 15. Now that she is approaching the ripe old age of 15, people have begun to whisper behind her back about just how long it will take before the youngest Slocumb succumbs to her fate. But Mosey is different than the other women in her family. In more ways than she ever thought possible, and she is about to find out just how different she is…And it all started with a tree.

Mosey’s grandmother, nicknamed “Big” has decided to tear down the tree in the back yard and dig out a hole so that Mosey’s mother “Little” can do physical therapy at home. Mosey’s mother had a stroke in the middle of a school function recently and turned the Slocumb women’s lives upside down. Sadly, Mosey’s mother had a bit of a reputation around town for having a keen interest in other women’s husbands before she had her mishap. The three Slocumb females must join forces in the absence of community support and pull one another through the storm that arrives when human bones are found in the earth where the swimming pool belongs…And the richest, snobbiest woman in town wants to point her finger at the town’s one-time harlot, who can no longer defend herself.

Follow the Slocumb women through their journey as they discover the meaning behind the bones, cryptic messages from “Little”, clues left behind in an old treehouse, and a trail that has been cold and dead for decades.

This novel digs into the importance of identity and female solidarity, and if you love women’s fiction that glistens with humor and heartwarming love, this novel is, quite possibly, one of the best grabs of the year. Pick up your copy of the novel today, or order the audiobook from Hachette Audio, it is a rare jewel among audiobooks. Plus, if you love the novel, Joshilyn Jackson has more books to gobble up! Don’t miss out!