Seducing the Princess by Mary Hart Perry

Seducing the Princess

Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Beatrice was her best companion when her other daughters had long been married off. Approaching 30, Beatrice had long been considered a spinster. Suddenly, however, two gentlemen have appeared, both of which are suddenly interested in the woman : dashing nobleman Harry Battenberg, and a mysterious new stableman from Scotland who saved her from bandits while she rode her horse. Unfortunately, the Queen has no interest in losing her daughter to the hands of man, instead opting to keep her chaste and protected, and by her side for the rest of time.

Beatrice is torn like she has never been torn before. She wants to have her own life, and make her own decisions, and she very much wants Harry Battenberg, a man who seems to understand her deeply and appreciate her, and who has asked for her hand in marriage.  But when Victoria refuses to give her blessing to Harry Battenberg and banishes him from the kingdom, and Beatrice receives no word from him about his intentions or affections following the event, the handsome stableman begins to seem much more charming and attractive. But where does he come from and what are his secrets? What are his intentions? Something dark looms overhead, but Beatrice is too naive to anticipate the shock she is about to receive.

Seducing the Princess, by Mary Hart Perry, is a historical novel set in Victorian England (obviously) and will be greatly appreciated by just about anyone who enjoys a good historical romance. The novel also has very little in the way of lewd sexuality, I would even hesitate to call it a bodice ripper, consummated love is alluded to, but never written out descriptively. The author also wrote The Wild Princess, which is about Victoria’s daughter, Louise. These novels take creative liberty to add adventure to facts already known about the princesses (although the author admits that they are strictly fictional). Readers who like Phillipa Gregory or similar authors will truly enjoy Mary Hart Perry. Don’t hesitate, pick it up!

Seducing Mr. Knightly by Maya Rodale

Writer Annabelle Swift has been working for a London newspaper for almost 4 years, and she pines for her boss, newspaper editor and owner Mr. Derek Knightly, until she decides that she has waited for his attention long enough. British humor meets bodice-ripper in perfection in this novel,  Seducing Mr. Knightly, by Maya Rodale, which turns out to be the 4th installment in the author’s Writing Girls series. I was actually a little reluctant to read this one, as I have been bombarded by smutty romance novels (my followers know I use the term “smutty romance” with affection and adoration) by publishers in the last couple of months-but luckily the back cover drew me in and I was pleased with the end result.

To any anglophile and romance reader, this author is a must-read. The main character of Seducing Mr. Knightly is surprisingly lovable, and you will find yourself turning page after page, wanting to see where her misadventures will lead. The Hero of the story, the sexy Mr. Knightly, is sexy and brooding (just how we like our heroes) with a dark secret, and just clueless enough about love that the story is warm and playful.

If you like Anna Randol, Cathy Maxwell, Mary Hart Perry, or pretty much just adore smutty romance novels with a british flavor, this novel is perfect for your next weekend read.

The Wild Princess by Mary Hart Perry

Historical romance lovers, do I ever have the book for you! Fans of Philippa Gregory (The Other Boleyn Girl) will NOT want to miss Mary Hart Perry’sThe Wild Princess“, which tells a fictional (but historically inspired) account of the life of Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise, known to some as the “wild” princess.

Princess Louise is rebellious and bitingly intelligent, and she is about to wed the handsome Lorne, Duke of Argyll. The princess is accepting and even pleased by the match, until she learns on her wedding night that Lorne does not have “husbandly” expectations of his blushing bride…And he never will. Shocked and heartbroken, Louise must now adjust to her new life as the Duchess of Argyll with a new realization: she will never feel the caress of a husband, and she will never bear legitimate children. The barren and joyless future looms over her, but her husband promises her that he will do whatever is in his power to ensure what happiness he could provide for her, even going so far as to plan suitable romantic “dalliances” for her . Louise cannot imagine such a thought, and she begins to settle gloomily into her lonely life.

Excitement seems to find her very quickly, however, when one of her mother’s “secret service” advisors informs them all that a band of rebels has decided to commit acts of terrorism against the royal family, and someone is making very serious threats in the name of Scotland. More exciting than the news, however, is the messenger himself. Stephen Byrne is a brutally sexy American who does security work for important officials, and who walks the streets of London wearing full western garb (boots, duster, hat, gun on hip). Louise finds him strange and rude, and finds his choice of wardrobe atrocious…So why does she keep thinking about him?

Byrne is just as surprised by his own reaction to the sassy Princess Louise. He knows that she is untouchable, both married and a princess of England, and yet he finds himself fighting the urge to clamp his lips onto hers and kiss the young woman into weakness. The match is unsuitable and could even get him killed, so why does Byrne keep finding himself playing with fire?

Forbidden love, scandal, family secrets, conspiracy, and one sexy cowboy make this novel a must-read for all historical romance fans. Do NOT miss this one.  And if you like this one, pick up “His Last Duchess” by Gabrielle Kimm next.