Dog Crazy, by Meg Donohue


Meg Donohue, author of How to Eat a Cupcake and All the Summer Girls, has once again touched the hearts of readers with her new novel, Dog Crazy.

Pet Bereavement Counselor Maggie Brennan sees people daily who have experienced the terrible loss of a pet, and she helps them to process their grief and find a new normal. But Maggie has a very intense secret of her own. Maggie hasn’t left her apartment for nearly 3 months because of debilitating agoraphobia. When an intense young girl comes into her office, she finds herself pulled into her life, and pulled out of hiding.

Can Maggie learn to live out in the world, or will she continue to hide and keep her secret from the world? Can she reach out to others when she can barely take care of herself? This is a novel about reaching out, and getting over our fears and out of our comfort zone for the greater good.

If you liked the other novels by Meg Donohue, Dog Crazy will not disappoint. Add this one to your amazon wish list, it comes out in March!

Vintage by Susan Gloss


The lives of three women intersect in a local vintage clothing store, three very different women:

Violet Turner is doing her best to make a living pursuing her dream, she owns her own vintage clothing store and avoids thinking about her complicated past at all costs…But she can’t seem to escape from where she came from, people keep creeping out from the shadows.

April Morgan is a young woman, set to start college with a serious complication-she’s in the second trimester of her pregnancy, and the father of the baby is no longer in her life. Her mother passed away recently and she is totally alone but for the child she will soon bring into the world.

Amithi Singh is a very traditional Indian woman who devoted her entire life to being a wife, then a mother, far from her family in the U.S. Her daughter is a grown woman and she has just realized her husband has been betraying her for many years. She is about to face a serious question: Who am I when I am not a wife and mother? What is my purpose now?

These three women are about to unceremoniously enter one another’s lives, and the results will be bittersweet, but, inevitably heartwarming.

If you like women’s fiction, this melancholy-turned-sweet novel will be a great choice. Vintage, by Susan Gloss, is a novel in the Meg Donohue vein, examining female relationships and the hardest thing we do in life-learning to trust in our fellow female.

All the Summer Girls by Meg Donohue


Three  women grew up together spending summers on the Jersey Shore and went their separate ways upon adulthood. Kate moved to Philadelphia and became a very serious lawyer, Dani moved to San Francisco and is still thinking someday she will write a novel, but in the meantime she can’t seem to hold a job, and Vanessa is a very active stay-at-home mother in New York City. When they decide to come together at the beach for a stay that will bring the secrets of the past out into the open, challenging their friendships and perceptions of their own lives, and forcing them to decide whether they will move forward or hold onto the events of the past, letting it weigh them down.

All the Summer Girls, by Meg Donohue, is a good beach read and a good example of chicklit. There is some sadness and heartbreak, but the ending is satisfying. Meg Donohue also wrote How to Eat a Cupcake, which a was another great chicklit pick.

How to Eat a Cupcake by Meg Donohue

Annie Quintana, baker and pastry chef, has put a lot of effort into separating herself from her less than romantic past. Her mother was a housekeeper for the very rich St. Clair family and she was raised with their daughter, Julia (in a way). The two girls played together for many years but Annie was always the “poor housekeeper’s daughter” when she went to the private school that her mother’s employer paid for. When rumors were spread around the school that various thefts were committed by the pathetic charity case, and her mother passed away, Annie’s life was ruined and her college career was threatened-and she believes Julia responsible for the rumors.

But Annie has achieved her own life successes and has found her own little niche, baking cupcakes and living among other hardworking and “normal” people like herself. The past is behind her. Until she is asked to provide cupcakes for a fundraiser being held by Mrs. St. Clair, her mother’s previous employer. She knows she should decline, but finds herself accepting the job…And entering the house, once again, in which her mother had passed away…Who should appear, but Julia, the so-called childhood friend, and Annie is forced to face the ghosts of her past, learn the truth about who she really is, and learn that there are mysteries in the St. Clair house that should be brought into the light of day.

This novel, Meg Donohue’s debut into the genre, can be considered chick-lit with a touch of mystery. If you like the chick-lit, you won’t want to miss her special gift for character strength and true human interaction in her work.  Check it out!