The Boleyn King by Laura Anderson


What would have happened if Anne Boleyn’s baby had survived and been a healthy son? How would history have changed, and what would remain the same? What would Great Britain be like today? Would Mary or Elizabeth have ever found the throne?

The Boleyn King, by Laura Anderson, is a novel about a fictional King, William, the son of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. William has good intentions as a ruler, but has a streak of stubbornness not unlike his father. Elizabeth supports and loves her brother and king, and Mary, while resentful still about her mother being cast aside, seems to only be a moderate threat to his reign thanks to her religious ideals. Minuette and Dominic are two childhood friends of the rulers who have been constant companions to them, and find relationships begin to change as the power structure is laid out before them with time.

These siblings are all at marriageable ages, and things are starting to get interesting. Will they marry for politics or will they find love? Will a secret rebellion knock William from the throne? Can a ruler ever truly be a friend to someone else? Philippa Gregory readers will love The Boleyn King, by Laura Anderson, so be sure to check it out for yourself if you love historical fiction and historical romance.

Mistress of My Fate by Hallie Rubenhold


Henrietta Lightfoot was raised as a ward in the home of a gentleman, taught to be an accomplished and well-mannered young lady in 18th century England.  When she and the young mistress of the house reach marriageable age, things start to get a little difficult-unwanted suitors pile up around the ladies, and one suitor is desirable to both Henrietta and her “cousin”. Henrietta knows that her love will never come to fruition, for she has no birth status, no dowry, nothing an aristocratic young man could want in marriage. But the young lord seems drawn to her, and things begin to spiral out of control.

Soon Henrietta finds herself on the streets, forced to fend for herself and find a way to survive. She goes to her lover for a brief period, but she always knew that they were not to be together as man and wife, and she would always be his hidden secret. His secret doings take him from her and she must examine her future plans or die in the streets of London. She decides to use the resources that she possesses, her beauty, her charm, her body, and find a gentleman who will keep her safe, for a small price…

A proper young lady quickly becomes a harlot, a kept woman among scandalous libertines and the most despicable of human beings, people she wouldn’t have been allowed to speak with in the streets in her prior life.

This is a novel about surviving, using your wits and doing the best you can in harsh, unforgiving times. At times cynical, at times vulgar, this novel is not sweet and flowery. Readers who like Philippa Gregory’s novels of historical romance and intrigue (The Other Boleyn Girl) will enjoy Mistress of My Fate, by Hallie Rubenhold, which is, apparently, the first in a series about Henrietta Lightfoot. The audiobook version of this novel, by Hachette Audio, comes highly recommended, so if you like audiobooks be sure to give it a try.

The Wild Princess by Mary Hart Perry

Historical romance lovers, do I ever have the book for you! Fans of Philippa Gregory (The Other Boleyn Girl) will NOT want to miss Mary Hart Perry’sThe Wild Princess“, which tells a fictional (but historically inspired) account of the life of Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise, known to some as the “wild” princess.

Princess Louise is rebellious and bitingly intelligent, and she is about to wed the handsome Lorne, Duke of Argyll. The princess is accepting and even pleased by the match, until she learns on her wedding night that Lorne does not have “husbandly” expectations of his blushing bride…And he never will. Shocked and heartbroken, Louise must now adjust to her new life as the Duchess of Argyll with a new realization: she will never feel the caress of a husband, and she will never bear legitimate children. The barren and joyless future looms over her, but her husband promises her that he will do whatever is in his power to ensure what happiness he could provide for her, even going so far as to plan suitable romantic “dalliances” for her . Louise cannot imagine such a thought, and she begins to settle gloomily into her lonely life.

Excitement seems to find her very quickly, however, when one of her mother’s “secret service” advisors informs them all that a band of rebels has decided to commit acts of terrorism against the royal family, and someone is making very serious threats in the name of Scotland. More exciting than the news, however, is the messenger himself. Stephen Byrne is a brutally sexy American who does security work for important officials, and who walks the streets of London wearing full western garb (boots, duster, hat, gun on hip). Louise finds him strange and rude, and finds his choice of wardrobe atrocious…So why does she keep thinking about him?

Byrne is just as surprised by his own reaction to the sassy Princess Louise. He knows that she is untouchable, both married and a princess of England, and yet he finds himself fighting the urge to clamp his lips onto hers and kiss the young woman into weakness. The match is unsuitable and could even get him killed, so why does Byrne keep finding himself playing with fire?

Forbidden love, scandal, family secrets, conspiracy, and one sexy cowboy make this novel a must-read for all historical romance fans. Do NOT miss this one.  And if you like this one, pick up “His Last Duchess” by Gabrielle Kimm next.